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Leaded Glass Door Repair in Kingwood

Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is Kingwood's first choice for leaded glass door repair. With years of experience working with glass panels, windows, doors, and more, we've become the region's go-to place for all things glass—repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement. Known for our friendly attitude and knowledgeable staff, you could say that we're a real glass act!

So, if you have a leaded glass door or window that needs the delicate touch and attention to detail of a professional glass company, book an appointment today.


Leaded Glass Repair Assessment

Before we can draft a quote for the repairs, we need to know exactly how much work needs to be done. Either you can send us detailed photos of the window, or we'll come to your property in one of our branded company trucks to do an assessment. This will tell us what kind of materials we'll need, and the approximate length of time needed to make the repairs. We will source and supply all the necessary materials, including but not limited to:

  • Lead came replacement
  • Zinc framing
  • Beveled glass
  • Stained glass
  • Patterned and textured glass

As with all the work we do, our quotes for leaded glass repair are fair, honest, and transparent. We'll provide you with a full cost-breakdown for parts and labor so that you know exactly what you're paying for.

Your Local Glass Repair Specialists

When it comes time to choose a company or specialist to repair a leaded glass window, it's important to know what you need. The fact is, 60 to 100 years ago, it was quite common to use leaded glass in doors and decorative windows. Over time, the lead may stretch, causing the glass to loosen and sometimes crack. When that happens, it's time to call in a glass specialist. Around here, no one understands glass repair and lead came repair as well as Multi-Glass of Texas LLC.

Our ever-expanding staff of glass installers and repair technicians includes a specialized team dedicated to leaded glass and lead came repair. They are artists and restorers who perform meticulous and delicate work. It's not a job or a trade to them. It's more. It's a profession and a vocation that goes back generations.

Call us today to book an appointment for our leaded glass repair service.

Affordable Leaded Glass Window Repair with an Artistic Touch

Leaded glass door and window repair requires a very particular approach that comes from years of training and dedication to the craft. We only use the highest quality materials and tools so that the result is both beautiful and functional. We never make sacrifices on quality or service standards.

The results are gorgeous leaded windows that remain reasonably priced. Call us today to book our talented team to repair your leaded glass door.

Leaded Glass Service Dedicated to Quality

For all your leaded glass repairs, maintenance, service, and replacement, contact Multi-Glass of Texas LLC today. Enjoy the beauty and classic charm of your leaded glass and stained glass!