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Multi-Glass of Texas LLC in Spring TX

Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is a two time award winning glass repair company, with over 30 years of experience. We pride ourselves on providing our Spring TX customers with efficiently skilled services and exceptional client care!

Glass and Window Repairs Will Save You Money

Most of us go through our daily lives without even thinking twice about the amount of glassware in our homes. You may not realize it, but the majority of household and workplace items are created from some sort of glass. Popular objects include:

  • Windows
  • Glass table tops
  • Showers
  • Vanities
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Panels
  • Kitchen items
  • Windshields
  • Ovens
  • And more

When these things break, it can cause a whole lot of stress. We assume that a new appliance must be purchased, but depending on the amount of damage, that may not be the case.

Multi-Glass technicians will come to your Spring Texas home or business and evaluate the situation. Most of the time, minor repairs are all that is needed. You'll end up saving a whole lot of money with us because you won't get stuck buying a brand new replacement item. Which could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending what it is.

Need A Glass Repair? Our Experts Can Help

Our professionally trained staff are knowledgeable in all glass related matters and will happily answer your questions and concerns. We can even help you with choosing the best materials if you're looking for a more modern or sturdy replacement. We have the tools, technique and experience to repair, install and replace anything involving glass.

We can fix cracks and chips and Disproportionate Fog!

As we all know, glass is an extremely delicate and temperamental material. The slightest altercation can cause it to crack, chip or even shatter. Another issue that people tend to ignore is excessive condensation. If your windows fog up all the time, it means it is time for a repair. There is most likely a hidden crack somewhere that is allowing air to get trapped between windowpanes; creating a constant, residual vapor. Multi-Glass of Texas LLC can fix that right up for you and it won't even take that long!

Signs of Glass and Window Damage

The sooner you know whether or not your Spring TX commercial/residential windows are in need of repairs, the less money you'll end up spending. Not to mention, you'll be creating a safer environment for yourself and your employees or family.

The following tips will help to uncover hidden breakage and potential damage. Here are the signs to look for:

  • Is water seeping in through your window? If you noticed leaks and water spots each time it rains you may need repairs. Especially if your window is properly latched shut; and your roof is in good condition.
  • Constant draft? Are you continuously checking your doors and windows to find out where that pesky chill is coming from? A draft is one of the first signs of window deterioration.
  • Windows that do not open or close properly? This is usually a track issue, popular with casement windows. Difficult windows put you, your business or your loved ones at risk. Someone could either sneak into your home or workplace though the gap to commit a robbery; or, in case of fire, make your space a death trap.

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Looking for a reliable, efficient and professional glass repair company in Spring TX? Look no further, Multi-Glass of Texas LLC can help you out. Call today and book an appointment.