Glass Repair in Tomball

What is the state of your windows? Have the neighbor’s kids managed to accidentally put some cracks in them? Have years of poor maintenance or severe weather left your sliding glass doors scratched and tarnished? When you look outside, does your gaze usually linger on the spot where the glass is chipped? There’s no sooner way to shatter your property’s curb appeal than with broken, chipped, or damaged windows. It’s no secret that the ‘broken windows theory’ applies to your home as well—and when it comes to keeping your property in Tomball looking great, glass repair should be a top priority.

If these issues sound familiar and you live in Tomball, then Multi-Glass of Texas can help. With more than 30 years in the window and auto glass repair and replacement industry, we can fix almost anything when it comes to glass. With special experience in the field of repairing leaded glass, windows, auto glass, and frameless shower doors, we’re truly the glass masters of Texas.

Window Repair

Why spend a great deal of money on replacing a window when you can have it repaired for much less? It is true that a completely broken window will need to be replaced but often if it is a crack or a chip, a well-trained glass repair technician can do the job in a short amount of time.

If we cannot repair a piece of glass, then we will be upfront with you. We will explain to you the exact reasons why we have come to that conclusion. Usually it is because the damage to the glass is too extensive. Alternatively, it can be that even after being repaired the structural integrity of the glass has become compromised. We do not want to repair a window for our Tomball clients just so that a strong wind will break it again. There is no reason you should pay for that extra expense.

Leaded Glass Repair

Leaded glass, also referred to as decorative, stained or colored glass, is a great way to add some personality and color to a front door, a window or a glass partition in an office. However, since leaded glass is not as widely used as clear glass, it can be hard to find a company that can properly repair it. Luckily for the people of Tomball, Multi-Glass lives up to its name.

Leaded Glass Windows, Lamps, Front Doors, and Cabinets

Leaded glass creates timeless and beautiful treasures no matter what it’s used for. But this delicate and valuable material can break and chip easily if not handled with special care, and finding a glass contractor willing or able to repair it is no easy matter. Whether you scored your leaded glass front door or window at an antique shop, received it as a treasured family heirloom, or found a special contractor to create a beautiful crystal centerpiece for your home, Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is your choice for lead glass crystal repair and refinishing.

We can restore beautiful antique and vintage leaded glass pieces in your home, garden, or china cabinet to their former glory. Chipped and cracked? We’ll source out artisans near Tomball to repair it for you or handle it in our one-stop glass repair and refinishing shop.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to glass repair and refinishing. For beautiful leaded glass that sparkles and shines like the day it was made, contact Multi-Glass of Texas LLC.

Commercial Glass Repair

Too often you hear about businesses in Tomball that struggle to bounce back after a vandal or thief carelessly breaks their front window. Customers rely on visual cues to inform their shopping decisions, and though it isn’t fair, a broken front window or display case might tell your customers that your location is not open for business as usual.

When broken, chipped, or shattered glass affects your business’s bottom line, it’s time to take action. Call Multi-Glass of Texas LLC for efficient and affordable commercial glass repair that puts the sparkle back into your storefront. We offer competitive rates and an unprecedented 30 years of experience handling commercial glass repair projects from large to small.

Auto Glass Repair

Windshield and other auto pieces of auto glass are meant to protect you while you drive. As resilient as auto glass is, it does take on a lot of wear and tear every time you get behind the wheel and this constant stress can take its toll. If you find that you have small chips or cracks, then it is best to seek professional help because small cracks will only get bigger. Save money on a full windshield replacement by contacting the professionals at Multi-Glass to make small repairs before they become big problems.

Glass Repair for Cars Near Me

When the windshield, window, or mirror of your car breaks or chips, it’s crucial you seek out help with an experienced auto glass repair specialist near you. Your windshield is one of the most crucial safety elements of your car.

You can’t safely drive with the fear that your cracked or chipped windshield could shatter at any moment. For the good health and safety of you, your passengers, and the people you share the road with, it’s your duty to repair or replace a broken windshield as soon as you are able.

For all things auto glass, trust Multi-Glass of Texas LLC. We’ve been Tomball’s top choice for glass repair—especially auto glass repair—for over thirty years. Want a free estimate? Come by the shop, or call us today!

Where Can I Find the Best Glass Repair Near Me?

If you live in Tomball or the surrounding area, then Multi-Glass of Texas will be by your side when you need us, in no time. Besides our 30 years of experience we have won awards in 2012 and 2014 for our superior customer service and expertise in the field. If you are looking for a trusted glass repair service in the area, then look no further than Multi-Glass Inc!