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Leaded Glass Door Repair Humble

Are you looking to repair a leaded glass door? Are you unsure who you should call? Take a cue from countless individuals and businesses in the Humble area and call Multi-Glass of Texas LLC. Leaded glass door repair is our specialty and we offer our services for a great rate.

From the inspection to the completion of the repairs or installation, we promise the finest service possible. We are professional, personable, and always ready to go the extra mile for our clients. Don’t let those glass doors go unrepaired for long. Call (281) 257-0099 now to schedule our value-driven services.

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First Choice for Glass Repair

Leaded glass is different from other types of glass. Unlike other types of glass, the leaded glass doors we see in homes and businesses have been modified for added clarity and extra strength. By adding lead, glass manufacturers and consumers alike can rest easy knowing that the glass will withstand high winds, heavy precipitation, shifts in temperature, and more.

The unique nature of this glass type also makes it hard for the everyday individual to repair. Unfortunately, the repair process is not as simple as heating the chips and cracks with a soldering gun. Thankfully, we are masters at the art of leaded glass repair. From the soldering of the joints to the application of the putty for glazing, we carry out every step of the repair process with unparalleled ease.

We have experience repairing all varieties of leaded glass, some of which include:

  • Beveled
  • Stained
  • Clear
  • Decorative glass panels
  • And more

We Offer a Full-Scale Leaded Glass Repair Service

Our comprehensive repair service caters to all kinds of residential door types housing leaded glass. Our team is equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to handle any glass repair job, no matter how complex it may seem. With our extensive selection of textures and proficiency in beveling glass, we can repair or replace almost any door, sidelight, or transom glass.

Our repair services include the following:

  • Leaded glass restoration
  • Lead came repair
  • Broken leaded glass repair
  • Insulated glass repair
  • Door glass repair
  • Sidelight and transom glass repair

Whether your glass is cracked, chipped, or shattered, we can restore it to its former glory in no time. With our commitment to quality and unmatched customer support, you can trust that your glass repair job will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

Can I Repair the Leaded Glass Myself?

The art of leaded glass repair is a specialized field that demands a great deal of skill and expertise. It is not something that an amateur can accomplish on their own, no matter how enthusiastic they are. A successful leaded glass repair job requires acute precision, extreme attention to detail, and specialized tools and equipment that only professionals possess.

Attempting to repair a damaged leaded glass panel on your own without proper knowledge, experience, and tools may lead to a disastrous outcome. An improper repair job may compromise the structural integrity of the door, causing the glass to shatter, crack or even fall out. In some cases, a poorly executed repair job may require an expensive replacement of the entire panel or even the whole door.

To ensure a successful leaded glass repair, you need to seek the services of an experienced and qualified professional. Multi-Glass of Texas LLC’s professional repair staff possess the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to diagnose your issue and provide a lasting solution that restores the beauty as well as the functionality of your leaded glass door.

Our Leaded Glass Repair Process

The decorative leaded panel of your front door glass can become fogged or damaged over time. When this occurs, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a qualified decorative leaded glass shop to handle the repair.

Multi-Glass of Texas LLC can typically complete it at a significantly lower cost compared to replacing the damaged front door glass with an entirely new door.

During the leaded glass repair process, our technicians will:

  • Remove the glass
  • Separate the damaged glass or fogged glass
  • Order a new tempered glass
  • Reinsulate the leaded panel with the new tempered glass
  • And test to ensure every component is in working order

It is important to note that this process requires a highly skilled craftsman since the decorative panel in the middle is a fragile piece of art and, if handled poorly, can break altogether.

We will treat your window with absolute care and complete attention during the repair process for an effective solution. Allow our trusted repair technicians to work on your leaded glass door repair for guaranteed satisfaction.

Repairing Leaded and Stained-Glass Panels

When your home or commercial space features gorgeous glass inserts decorated with eye-catching patterns and colors, it can be alarming to notice any damage marring these beautiful installations. Never fear, though–When you notice stress cracks, breaks, glass chips, and other signs of wear, we're the professionals you can trust for repairing leaded and stained-glass panels in all colors, styles, shapes, and sizes.

The depth of our experience has seen us through the restoration of residential and commercial glasses of all types. This includes windows, doors, side lamps, and much more. If you have questions about what we can do to address specific types of damage, we have answers. Phone our team to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss the details with no strings attached.

Our Proven Repair and Glazing Process

Our glazing process for repairs starts with a non-committal consultation appointment that allows our experts to learn more about the unique details of restoring your glass to like-new condition.

Typically, our repair process follows the following steps:

Opening Lead

To liberate the broken or cracked shards of glass, our experts will first choose an appropriate place to open the lead that surrounds the panel. We use specialty tools to part the lead and peel it back to release the unwanted or damaged sections.

Removing Broken Glass Sections

Once the lead is open, we carefully remove the cracked and deteriorated pieces of glass, taking great care to ensure that small bits don’t make their way to the ground. Generally, we’ll remove, wrap, and properly dispose of the broken shards. However, if you would like to keep them for another use, we’ll be happy to leave them with you.

Installing New Leaded Glass

Once the old glass is removed, we fit and install new leaded glass to complete your panel. In doing so, we go to great lengths to match the colors, textures, and style of your panel and its surroundings so that it will be nearly impossible to spot any differences when we finish.

Reclosing the Lead

After the new glass is installed, we begin reforming the lead to secure it around the panel and reconnect it with professional soldering skills that provide an elegant finish.

Appling Our Puttying and Polishing Processes

The final steps are to apply putty for waterproofing and buffing, and then we’ll polish the glass to a gorgeous finish. Once this is complete, we’ll inspect our work to ensure it meets the highest quality standards, and then we'll tidy up our tools and any other materials we used to complete the job.

Do you have questions about our repair process or how long it will take to replace broken sections of a stained-glass door, window, or panel? We'd love to hear from you and give you the information you need to make the best decisions about your repairs. Simply phone us to learn more about what we can do to ensure your repair work is of the highest quality and the best value.

Experienced Glass Technicians

Clients come to us because they have heard mention of our company for years, if not decades. Our shop has catered to the people and businesses in our community for over thirty years. Over those three decades, we have refined our skillsets, expanded our operations, and learned all there is to know about glass repair, replacement, and installation.

We are not interested in slowing down any time soon, though. As glass manufacturing and repair technology advances, we continue to keep up with it. We think it is important for professionals like us to stay informed about the latest industry developments. The more we learn and the more we adapt, the better we will be able to serve our clients.

Work with us when you want to tap into the expertise of a glass repair company that fuses the time-honored tricks of the trade with the latest advancements in the field. Bridging the new and the old, we are here to fix your glass to perfection.

Repairing Your Classic Doors

Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is your source for glass services in Humble. If you are fortunate enough to have a classic door equipped with leaded glass, you can depend on us for any of your repair or maintenance needs.

We expertly inspect and assess your leaded glass door and proceed with the services you need. We'll maintain the original splendor and the structural integrity of this treasured household feature.

To learn more about our leaded glass repair services, or to schedule a service appointment, contact us today at (281) 257-0099.

How Leaded Glass Door Repair Works

Do you find yourself wondering what the glass door repair process entails? If so, you are not alone. Many ambitious amateurs have tried to repair glass themselves over the years and few prevail. There is a reason why so many people look to us for help. Repairing glass is a delicate, methodical process. The slightest errors could result in further glass damage. Here, we prefer to eliminate any trace of the existing glass damage.

What is our secret? How do we do away with the chips and cracks in stained and leaded glass doors? It all depends on the extent of the damage. Through the application of heat, epoxies, and other solutions, we might be able to fill in the cracks. In other cases, we might have to replace the glass with a new panel.

Being a relatively old style of window, it can be difficult to know how to repair your leaded glass door. This beautiful, old, and ornate style of window was once very popular but has since fallen out of favor to more conveniently installed or repaired types of windows. They give off an elegant appearance and add beautiful detail to any home. However, once broken — how do you fix it?

We are here to help. Anything from a pebble launched by the lawnmower to a stray elbow can cause a broken leaded glass panel. When that happens, Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is the team to call. Our skilled craftsmen have plenty of experience repairing and restoring leaded glass doors.

The first thing we do is safely remove the glass panel if possible by carefully chipping away old glazing to bring the panel over to our workstation. If circumstances determine we cannot do that, we will resort to even more precise measures that don't require removing the entire panel. We will then determine the exact template of the glass we are replacing and fabricate new pieces right on the spot. The lead came (the strips of lead holding the glass together) will then be cleaned and replaced with the new piece(s) of glass, and the panel will be mounted again. The result will be like you never broke it in the first place. That's the kind of professional service you get when you contact our team.

Check out our gallery to find out more about leaded glass door repair services. We look forward to speaking with you.

Common Glass Damages

Glass damage comes in many forms. Each type of damage requires a different repair tactic. Here are some of the most common damages we see on the job.

Impact Breakage

We have all seen impact breakage before. This type of damage is caused by instant impact. A ball might hit the glass or a car tire might send a pebble flying into the door. The pattern of the cracks within the break always vary—these patterns and the extent of the break are influenced by the weight and shape of the object. To properly repair this sort of break, we need to find the central point of impact and work our way out to the surrounding cracks.

Stress Cracks

Many of us have seen stress cracks on car windshields, but they also appear on glass doors, too. Stress cracks begin at the far edge of the glass panel and work their way throughout the glass. In most cases, these cracks stem from strong fluctuations in temperature. Was it unexpectedly cold recently? The cold snap might be responsible.

That said, most glass should be able to withstand these fluctuations in temperature. We will look to see if there are any underlying defects which contributed to these premature cracks and breaks.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Sometimes we credit glass troubles to a spontaneous break—but that does not mean that the break came out of nowhere. In most cases, the root cause of the damage is just harder to determine. More often than not, we are able to trace the problems back to an improper installation.

Glass is durable, but without proper installation, even the smallest shifts in temperature or the slightest impact can result in damage. We will inspect the glass, the frame, and the seal prior to re-installation to ensure that there is no build-up in the frame that has added extra pressure to the glass panel.

Inspecting Every Panel

We don’t limit our in-depth inspection services to instances of spontaneous breakage. No matter the scenario, we make sure to inspect every element of the door and the glass panel. We will look for the chipped nickel that sometimes gets stuck around the glass edge, we will examine the panel’s frame, the door frame, and everything in between. By the time we conclude our inspection, we will know all there is to know about your leaded glass panel problems.

How to Know You Need Leaded Glass Repair

Many leaded glass doors and windows are very old. It is not uncommon to find leaded glass that has not been looked after for over 100 years. Broken glass within the lead framing of your art glass is not the only thing that might need to be looked after. Over time the leading weakens, cracks appear and since lead is such a flexible material, the entire structure can warp, bulge, or sag. If this is happening with the leaded glass in your home, we can help you fix it.

The main issue with these old leaded glass doors is usually the lead itself. In most cases, it is the lead that loses its structural integrity before the glass does. Lead deterioration is the most common problem that we see in these older windows. The putty inside keeping the glass in place dries out, cracks away, and leaves room for the lead to stretch out, weaken, and buckle the entire structure of the glass door or window.

In slightly rarer cases, the soldering on the lead came is deficient and breaks apart. Even less common are the windows that have metal support bars. These can detach from the window and further weaken the glass.

Overall, the best way to see if your leaded glass door needs repair is to simply tap on the window. If it shakes and rattles, it is a surefire sign to give us a call. Another way to check is to look at the lead through a magnifying glass — if you see tiny cracks everywhere, dial (281) 257-0099.

Revitalizing Your Lead Glass Door with Multi-Glass of Texas LLC

Getting your leaded glass door revitalized is always an excellent option, particularly if it has seen better days and is in need of an uplift. If you notice it's starting to crack, sag, bulge, chip, or if it is showing signs of aging, a simple repair to revitalize it will do.

Over the years, we've helped countless residents with repairs to help restore and revitalize their leaded glass doors. Our team of experts is highly trained and has extensive experience working with leaded glass of all conditions and types. With our collective experience, we are confident in tackling any repair and transforming it back to new.

A few of the more popular types of lead glass doors we've worked with include:

  • Beveled glass for front doors
  • Glass and iron doors
  • Privacy glass doors
  • Rain effect glass
  • Stained glass
  • Frosted effect glass
  • Clear glass
  • Ornate glass
  • Textured glass
  • And much more!

If you have a rare or unique installation type and wonder if our team has experience working with it, rest assured this list is not inclusive. We're prepared to get your door looking new despite the type of glass and degree of wear and tear!

If you would like to see samples of some of our work, contact us today, and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Get a Quote for Leaded Glass Repair

Damaging beautiful leaded glass can be upsetting, but luckily our expert team is here to deliver you effective repairs. Before we can start working on your glass door, we must first understand the extent of the problem and how best to remedy it.

When you contact us about lead glass repair, we will schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. During this meeting, our glass repair experts will survey the damage at hand, come up with a repair plan, and give you an estimate outlining the cost of the service, including labor and materials.

This quote will be accurate, and you can rest assured that our pricing is among the best in the industry.

Our glass repair company promises full transparency. We offer quotes whenever you request them, and we never surprise you with hidden fees during the invoicing period. Work with us when you want up-front service from valued professionals. To schedule your consultation, reach us today!

Effective Glass Maintenance and Repairs

A number of properties in the Humble area are equipped with unique, classic features, including leaded glass doors and windows. These beautiful and intricate features add distinction and interest to your property, but many are decades if not a century old. Instead of replacing this timeless addition, you can entrust Multi-Glass of Texas LLC to provide the necessary repair services.

Our team has the expertise to restore your leaded glass door. In addition to retaining its appearance, we will make sure that your leaded glass is structurally sound and effectively insulates your space. Beginning with a thorough inspection and assessment, we'll proceed with what you need.

Specialized Servicing on Lead Glass Door Repair

Not every glass repair company has the tools, skills, and expertise to deliver quality leaded glass repair, but at Multi-Glass of Texas LLC it’s one of our many specialties. We understand that dealing with leaded glass or crystal is much different than a standard flat glass pane. Our experts have been specially trained and know how to handle these products carefully, helping to ensure that you get the high-quality repair services you require without causing further damage to your door.

If your leaded glass is on its last legs, our experts will let you know. We can provide you information about your best options for replacement and how much the replacement could cost.

For further information or any inquiries, reach us by phone or email. Our friendly experts look forward to speaking with you.

Leaded Glass Door Repair and Restoration

We have provided leaded glass repair services to a wide variety of homeowners as well as business owners. Our approach combines traditional glass restoration methods with the latest innovations in glass repair products.

Our restoration process leaves no detail overlooked. With specialized products and skillful workmanship, we leave your glass looking as good as new.

Glass Repair on Your Schedule

Unlike other household repairs, glass door repair can't wait. You need your doors to function properly to ensure the complete safety and security of your home. Our expert team will prioritize your request for glass door repair and set up an appointment right away. We understand that many of our clients lead busy lives, and we will work hard to work around your schedule while getting your glass fixed up fast.

We are open throughout the week and on Saturdays too. Please let us know what timing works best.

Proven Techniques and Products

We have an inventory of the latest and most effective products to ensure the best possible results. We can provide you with:

  • Window frame repair
  • Lead repairs
  • Pane replacement
  • Chip or crack filling
  • And more

Your leaded glass door was built to last, and our team of glass specialists helps it do just that. We'll professionally restore the original beauty and condition.

Call us today; we would be pleased to provide you with a quote for our services.

Why Choose Leaded Glass?

When it comes to installing leaded glass doors and whether or not it’s for you, it all comes down to preference. Aside from the character and elegance factor it exudes, it will undoubtedly be beneficial. Here are a few essential ways a homeowner will benefit.

Added Privacy

Who doesn't like a little added privacy? When you install a leaded glass door, it automatically comes with a privacy factor. There is no need to worry about adding window film or finding blinds to fit your door's dimensions perfectly.


Over time the demand for leaded glass doors has increased among homeowners. As such, there are many more suppliers on the market, which has helped drive the cost down. They are now just as cost-effective as the standard clear door.

Energy Efficient

Leaded glass can be installed with a double or triple layer pane, adding insulation to your home. As an added benefit to doubling or tripling up the glass, it is more durable and resistant to breakage.

Added Home Value

Since leaded glass has grown in popularity, it's becoming more common for homeowners to seek homes that already have it installed.

Variety of Shapes and Styles

When you own a home, you want it to represent your taste and style. Well, you have this option when you decide to install leaded glass doors. Whether you prefer a more subtle look or something that pops and screams character, you will have a range of style and pattern options to choose from.

Whether you’re in the market for a new leads glass door or you need a repair, Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is the company to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more and for a risk-free quote.

Glass Experts with Years of Experience

We have been serving the Humble area for a number of years. Our team is expertly familiar with glass in all its range of applications, and we have earned a reputation for the extremely high quality of our services.

Our team is fully licensed and bonded and provides the services you need at rates you'll love. You will also appreciate our helpful and courteous customer service, providing expert advice on maintaining your property's leaded glass features.

Great Rates on Glass Door Repair

Despite being a highly specialized repair service, Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is proud to be able to offer lead glass repair at very competitive rates. Our pricing is among the best in the business, and we will make sure that you understand the cost of your repair service before we get started.

Providing you with transparent pricing is one way we work to make customer service our top priority.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Glass Repair Experts

When it comes to repairing your glass door, don't settle for less than the best. Our specialists have years of experience and are very knowledgeable. We will bring you quality servicing unmatched by the competition in the area.

Additionally, our staff is very friendly and approachable. We'd be happy to answer your questions at any time, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Preserve the Look of Your Leaded Glass

We want to help our customers retain the classic look of their leaded glass doors. If your leaded glass is starting to look its age, then we encourage you to let our experts restore it. Rather than replacing it with a new door or allowing it to degrade further, our experts will make it look new again and reinforce your decision to keep your timeless leaded glass.

We have yet to encounter a leaded door that we haven't been able to restore. The flexible nature of the leading on your door allows us to fix it relatively easily—especially with the skills we have. If the leading on your door is too far gone, we have a new lead that we can replace. Additionally, the putty inside the lining of your leading might need to be replaced. We can help with that too. We assure you—by the time we've finished, your leaded glass door will look brand new.

Quick Service on Leaded Glass Repair

If you are looking for someone to fix a leaded glass window, then you have come to the right place. Not only do we deliver some of the finest repairs in the area, but we also work hard to respond with maximum efficiency. When you contact our company looking for leaded glass restoration, we promise that we will help you quickly schedule our services and that we will have your job wrapped up in no time.

Replacing Leaded Glass

Do not worry if your leaded glass door has received significant damage—our experts can completely replace any and all panes of glass. We can cut new glass sections with our precision equipment and then install them into your door, taking the time to ensure they are sealed and waterproofed correctly. We guarantee that you will love the look of your leaded glass when we are finished, so give us a call before you think about getting rid of your door.

You'll be impressed by the speed with which we can replace your glass. Even if the piece of glass we have to replace is a complicated shape, you can count on us. We have the glass-cutting tools for the job, and the technicians wielding those tools are the most skilled leaded glass door repair artists available in Humble. Don't waste any more time looking for the right contractors. We are here awaiting your call.

Long-Lasting Leaded Glass Door Repairs

Here at Multi-Glass of Texas LLC, we aim to provide all of our clients with premium glasswork. Thanks to our professional expertise, combined with our quality tools and materials, we are able to provide top-notch results on every job. You can feel confident when you hire us to restore leaded glass, knowing that we will provide you with durable glass that will look fantastic for many years to come.

Because we will have such a close look at your door, we will see the problem and understand how to prevent it in the future. If we determine that your door is vulnerable to the same kind of damage that it currently has, we will reinforce the glass to prevent that. Every repair we do is designed to last you for years to come. Once finished, we'll tell you about the repairs we did so you can feel confident that our skills will enable you to enjoy your leaded glass door without worrying about its quality.

A History of Success with Leaded Glass Restoration

We are honored to have helped many property owners in Humble restore their beautiful leaded glass doors. Our consistent track record of excellence should help you feel confident when you hire us. Take the uncertainty out of the project by hiring our certified team of glass experts and make sure that your cherished glass door is in capable hands with our company.

Nothing less than excellence is acceptable to us. Many things can go wrong with a leaded glass door, and we know how to fix them all to the highest degree of quality. As contractors passionate about this kind of glasswork, we respect the craft and are happy every time we give clients the results they've been looking for. Whether it is wearing off, your windows are billowing out, or you have broken glass in your door, we will ensure your beautiful leaded doors are back in a proper state by the time we leave.

Our Leaded Glass Door Repair Is Safe

We emphasize careful and attentive work on every job. When you trust us with your historic leaded glass door, we promise that we will treat it with the utmost respect. Our experts know how to correctly handle glass to ensure the best possible results, so you can always expect a smooth experience with our company.

We've worked on so many leaded doors that we understand the risks that come along with it. By applying masterful use of our tools and being careful with your glass, you won't have to worry about breakage. When we work on your property, the safety of your property, yourself, and our team is our number one priority and we take measures to ensure the process goes off without a hitch.

See Our Leaded Glass Repair for Yourself

If you are ready to find out what our glass experts can do for you, then we invite you to take a look at our gallery. Here you will find many examples of our work, including our leaded glass door repair, so you can get a better picture of what our company has to offer.

We're proud to show off our work because it is the result of many years of work. We love providing our clients with quality work, and showing it off in our online gallery. We're confident that you'll like what you see. Our work truly speaks for itself. If you are the owner of a leaded glass door, you'll see right away that the quality of our work is obvious. Fixing leaded glass doors is an art that is in danger of being lost. But Multi-Glass of Texas LLC is here to save it in Humble.

Call Multi-Glass of Texas LLC for Professional Leaded Glass Repair

When you find yourself in need of leaded glass door repair, the name to know is Multi-Glass of Texas LLC. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about the work we do.

Allow us to maintain your architecturally interesting feature for as long as possible.

Contact us today to request more information. We would be glad to help you.