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Window Glass Replacement The Woodlands

Is Your Child an Aspiring Major League Pitcher?

Does your son hope to be a major league pitcher someday but his technique isn't quite there just yet. Or maybe your daughter has her sights set on playing soccer for the US national team in the future but just needs a little more shooting practice. Whatever the reason, a broken window or two is commonplace in any home with young family and probably every The Woodlands Texas home with young children has experienced at least one or two down the years. At Multi-Glass of Texas we have the team of skilled professionals who can replace your broken window glass in an efficient and affordable manner.

Experienced Window Glass Replacement in The Woodlands Texas

Over the past thirty years, we, at Multi-Glass of Texas LLC, have replaced the window glass in so many broken windows, and for so many different reasons that honestly, we've lost count! As well as aspiring young sports stars, three other factors are primarily the cause of broken windows in The Woodlands Texas homes:

  • Thunderstorms: Homeowners in and around The Woodlands area are no strangers to thunderstorms. These violent storms can be treacherous for your window glass as the wind and rain wreak havoc. Older windows are particularly susceptible to damage during such volatile weather changes.
  • Wear and Tear: Most homeowners mightn't recognise it but even the smallest crack can cause a big problem if undetected. Glass window chips can also result in the pane needing replacing.
  • Wooden Windows in Humid Conditions: Glass from wooden single pane windows is particularly at risk of damage or breaking altogether because of the fact that they expand and contract as the temperature outside fluctuates. If your home has wooden window frames we advise you to pay particular attention for any small cracks or chips as they could be become a much bigger problem once the weather changes.

Don't Let Mosquitoes or a Cold Chill into Your Home, Call Multi-Glass of Texas LLC Today

Some people think that replacing a glass window screen is a DIY job. This is a big mistake as an incorrect installation can cause excessive draft in the winter and can allow bugs and insects into your home in the summer. It could also put your family's safety at risk as an ill-fitted window glass is a sure-fire way of inviting an intruder into your home. Ultimately, you will have to re-install the screen all over again so why not do it right the first time.

A broken screen or pane of glass is definitely an inconvenience but don't let that inconvenience become something more serious. At Multi-Glass of Texas we pride ourselves on providing an efficient window glass replacement service for the home-owners of The Woodlands Texas. So, if you need a glass window replaced then don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Our professionally trained team work diligently to ensure that your screen will be replaced as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.