Window Pane Repair in The Woodlands

Do you have a cracked window pane that needs repair? Have your windows fogged up with condensation and you’re not sure why? Have you noticed a scratch on a window in your home or business? If so, it sounds like you need to call Multi-Glass of Texas LLC.

Serving The Woodlands and the Houston area, Multi-Glass of Texas LLC specializes in window pane replacement and repair. Whether your home has new energy efficient windows or single-pane wooden windows, we have a repair solution for you. Our services are an affordable and reliable way to avoid unnecessary window replacements.

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Cracked Window Panes

Many people think they need to replace the whole window if one of the window panes get broken. This isn’t true. With the right tools and techniques, windows can be disassembled and the panes can be replaced. That goes for older wooden window frames as much as for modern energy efficient ones.

At Multi-Glass of Texas LLC, we specialize in cutting and fitting glass window panes to fit any size and shape of window frame. Once we know what type of window it is, what kind of glass it needs, and what size it is, we can replace it. It’s as easy as removing the old one and putting in a new one.

Although there are DIY window pane repair videos online, finding the right piece of glass to fit the precise specifications of your window can be a real nightmare. That’s why, in The Woodlands, home and business owners trust Multi-Glass of Texas LLC to do their window pane replacements.

Foggy Windows With Condensation Problems

There are two ways to get foggy windows. On older, single-pane windows, condensation is a natural effect of the interior being warm and the exterior being cool. Unfortunately, when condensation builds up and pools along the base of the window, it can rot these older wooden window frames. Mold and mildew may build up and the seal could be broken between the window pane and the frame.

Thankfully Multi-Glass of Texas LLC can repair windows that have this problem. We simply remove the old seal, clean the frame, replace it— and it’s good as new!

Double pane windows can also have condensation related problems. Normally the insulation of the second window pane prevents condensation, but if the window seal is broken, condensation may form between the two panes of glass. Using specialized tools, Multi-Glass of Texas LLC can reseal your windows and make them as energy efficient as the day you bought them.

Scratched Glass Repair

Scratched glass can be a really big headache. It doesn’t seem serious enough to warrant replacement, but it’ll drive you crazy every time you look at it. Thankfully, we have ways to repair it. In many cases, depending on how deep the scratch is, we can polish the scratch out. In other cases, we may be able to use an epoxy or, in more complex situations, we may end up replacing the pane of glass altogether.

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